Saturday, February 8, 2014

Greetings and welcome to the 2014 Homegrown Technology Workshop...
This represents the our 5th year where we support teachers teaching teachers!!!!

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Workflow and Publish

One of the greatest features of the iPad as a learning tool in education is the many different apps that allow students to create amazing pieces of work which demonstrate their learning; those apps are numerous. We will explore various apps that can be used in the day to day activities in the classroom; you will discover that there are tools for taking notes, creating professional documents, presentations, making books, creating screencasts, and how the products are associated with workflow.
· How are you going to check their progress?
· How are you going to assess their work?
· How do you access student work on the iPad?
· How do you, as a teacher, get the work from the students in an organized fashion?
Join us for some hard fast solutions to the workflow and how students can publish to an authentic audience.

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