Saturday, February 8, 2014

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Inverse Properties - Explain Everything project file

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Additive Inverse Property

Watch My Latest Lesson!

Click here to view my lesson about Characterization/inferecing.

Create and share amazing video tutorials with the free Educreations iPad app:

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Watch My Latest Lesson!

Click here to view my lesson about 2step.

Create and share amazing video tutorials with the free Educreations iPad app:

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The Challenges!

Challenge 1

Use the Educreations app to create a “2 page” video. (Well, you can use Explain Everything too….)

Page 1: Explain a 30 second math problem, how to read a sentence, how to properly write letters, or ... you get the idea. ;-)

Page 2: Add a picture of yourself. Voiceover something like: “This lesson brought to you by BA, and the number 1.” (Have fun with it!)

Share your Educreation or Explain Everything as public then email it to:

NOTE: Educreations….need an account or login with Google

Challenge 2

Record a 30 second video clip of at least 2 different people in your group showing any 3 of these iPad features/functions:

              Lock & unlock the screen orientation (Give us a demo!)
              Reveal the Doc to view the most recent applications (Show us how!)
              Go to Settings>General and make sure that Multitasking Gestures is turned on. Use 4 & 5 finger gestures to switch between and close applications
              Turn the speaker volume up or down
              Demo the Sleep/Wake button
              Rearrange your desktop apps
              Create a folder (for 2+ apps)
              Take a picture and email it to yourself
              Take a screen capture
              (This one counts as a double!) Long press on the link to open the EdTechTeacher iPad As page in a new tab. The hit the “sharing” button to “Add to Home Page”

(app suggestion: YouTube Capture)

Make your YOU TUBE channel……(if you dare)…….

Share the video by logging into the workshop YouTube Account in the Capture app:

UN:                         PW:_____________(EX: Ask me)                                                                       

Add a music track that doesn’t overpower your voices. ;-)

Challenge 3

Create a picture of yourself with the Stars and Stripes in the background.

Email the picture to:

(or Flickr)

Add text on the picture with your name on it!

There’s an app for that. ;-)….try pic collage…

Flicr: Use your Google account to create a Flickr account.
ON your ipad…configure in settings……..

Challenge 4

Everyone, take a photo of yourself (face). Use a draw tool and your finger to draw all lines of your face on top of it.

 Delete the photo (add a white background) leaving on the tracing. 

App suggestion: Doodle Buddy. Email the photo to

    Challenge 5
Create an audio “alternative” QR code @ that says:

“The [name] Team Rocks!”

Have everyone in your group test the QR Code.

(app suggestion: Quafter/QR Code Generator/QR stuff

Email the QR Code to:

TIP: Long pressing on a picture on a web page often allows you to save it to your camera roll. It’s easy to email pictures from your camera roll. ;-)

Challenge 6
Extra Extra

Apps currently supporting this facility to put work straight in to Edmodo:






Greetings and welcome to the 2014 Homegrown Technology Workshop...
This represents the our 5th year where we support teachers teaching teachers!!!!

To get started....Please visit........

Workflow and Publish

One of the greatest features of the iPad as a learning tool in education is the many different apps that allow students to create amazing pieces of work which demonstrate their learning; those apps are numerous. We will explore various apps that can be used in the day to day activities in the classroom; you will discover that there are tools for taking notes, creating professional documents, presentations, making books, creating screencasts, and how the products are associated with workflow.
· How are you going to check their progress?
· How are you going to assess their work?
· How do you access student work on the iPad?
· How do you, as a teacher, get the work from the students in an organized fashion?
Join us for some hard fast solutions to the workflow and how students can publish to an authentic audience.