Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Challenges!

Challenge 1

Use the Educreations app to create a “2 page” video. (Well, you can use Explain Everything too….)

Page 1: Explain a 30 second math problem, how to read a sentence, how to properly write letters, or ... you get the idea. ;-)

Page 2: Add a picture of yourself. Voiceover something like: “This lesson brought to you by BA, and the number 1.” (Have fun with it!)

Share your Educreation or Explain Everything as public then email it to:

NOTE: Educreations….need an account or login with Google

Challenge 2

Record a 30 second video clip of at least 2 different people in your group showing any 3 of these iPad features/functions:

              Lock & unlock the screen orientation (Give us a demo!)
              Reveal the Doc to view the most recent applications (Show us how!)
              Go to Settings>General and make sure that Multitasking Gestures is turned on. Use 4 & 5 finger gestures to switch between and close applications
              Turn the speaker volume up or down
              Demo the Sleep/Wake button
              Rearrange your desktop apps
              Create a folder (for 2+ apps)
              Take a picture and email it to yourself
              Take a screen capture
              (This one counts as a double!) Long press on the link to open the EdTechTeacher iPad As page in a new tab. The hit the “sharing” button to “Add to Home Page”

(app suggestion: YouTube Capture)

Make your YOU TUBE channel……(if you dare)…….

Share the video by logging into the workshop YouTube Account in the Capture app:

UN:                         PW:_____________(EX: Ask me)                                                                       

Add a music track that doesn’t overpower your voices. ;-)

Challenge 3

Create a picture of yourself with the Stars and Stripes in the background.

Email the picture to:

(or Flickr)

Add text on the picture with your name on it!

There’s an app for that. ;-)….try pic collage…

Flicr: Use your Google account to create a Flickr account.
ON your ipad…configure in settings……..

Challenge 4

Everyone, take a photo of yourself (face). Use a draw tool and your finger to draw all lines of your face on top of it.

 Delete the photo (add a white background) leaving on the tracing. 

App suggestion: Doodle Buddy. Email the photo to

    Challenge 5
Create an audio “alternative” QR code @ that says:

“The [name] Team Rocks!”

Have everyone in your group test the QR Code.

(app suggestion: Quafter/QR Code Generator/QR stuff

Email the QR Code to:

TIP: Long pressing on a picture on a web page often allows you to save it to your camera roll. It’s easy to email pictures from your camera roll. ;-)

Challenge 6
Extra Extra

Apps currently supporting this facility to put work straight in to Edmodo:







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